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Reflections of a great artist

I am very surprised to read out there, occasionally, thoughts and opinions on the practice of painting and about the world of art of great painters world-renowned and , modestly, I love to realize that what I read are the things that I have always thought and with which  I could not agree more.

In this case It happened to me with the great painter Gerhard Richter :

«Talking about painting is not only difficult, but useless” . “It is only possible to express in words what words can express what language is able to communicate , and painting has nothing to do with it”.

That includes the typical question: What were you thinking? You can not think of anything: painting is another way of thinking.

What interests me in general, and this also applies to painting,  is what I do not  understand. It happens the same with each painting: I do not like that which I can understand. «

Painting is a very private matter. It is for those who feel uncomfortable in public, who are rather quiet, who are a bit cowards out there. Someone who would not speak in public, but then secretly gambles»»

«Each painting is a statement that does not tolerate company»

«The human being must be able to see if something is good or not, must be able to make that judgment» For Richter good is related to the true, the image has to express some truth to be good.

«Until I conclude that there is nothing else to do»

«When, according to my standards and nothing is wrong, I stop, then it’s fine»

So what it is to be wrong or right? :  being true




I see many similarities with what I think and I wrote years ago: to be made alone , that surprises , let yourself go,to be open and attentive, that they say something, that are authentic, that they are true ……… .. can not express better I can not agree more

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