It may be seen as a color usually associated with women or the gay world, I don’t know why….., maybe it is by tradition and this can create a prejudice towards it but I see it, simply, as one more color, well not one more, but a nice, soft, quiet, relaxing, sweet….. that I love having «found», that I enjoy using and whose results I enjoy immensely I believe that «I have made it mine» , I would like to get to «identify» a family of my paintings. I am attracted by the fact […] Continue reading →

The truth is that I’ve been lately very lazy to post new things on my blog. It is time for me to do it …, if you feel like taking a look at what I have just written you will find things that I have read or written that I found interesting enough to keep Greetings and thanks for reading me   I read something written by Javier Marias on the recent death of his father: “And after all, there is a territory – to call it something – in which the three of them, my […] Continue reading →

I am very surprised to read out there, occasionally, thoughts and opinions on the practice of painting and about the world of art of great painters world-renowned and , modestly, I love to realize that what I read are the things that I have always thought and with which  I could not agree more. In this case It happened to me with the great painter Gerhard Richter : «Talking about painting is not only difficult, but useless” . “It is only possible to express in words what words can […] Continue reading →


It marvels me

It really marvels me every day the fact that always come out new things, that is something endless, inhexhaustible , is like a miracle that happens to me every time I work. A privilege really………..   […] Continue reading →



It has been a long time from I wanted to work large formats, but for one thing or another, could find no way to do so. With my recent works is very difficult technically due to the type of materials I use (it would weigh too much and would be very little operational) with paper also could not be. It was something I wanted to do but did not know how, something that was going around in there until, following pick up furniture for the winter and see those enormous canvas extended in the garden […] Continue reading →

  To end this 2015 , I have prepared this summary with all that I have written this year and want to take the opportunity to wish that 2016 be the best year of your life   Abstraction / Realism   The story of a humble piece of pants   The beauty in the unexpected   Some Reasons. […] Continue reading →

  For quite some time now I have around my head the idea of writing about death , a subject deep and scary but, as has happened before sometimes , I do not know where to start, how to do it and if I will make clear what I think about , but will try…. I think this issue is the only security (certainty) we all have in this life I have become so skeptical of any event that may happen I’ve reached a point that nothing that happens or could listen will look strange: you could be mad […] Continue reading →


My Videos

Hello Below you can see some short Videos I prepared for my Instagram page thanks for looking and hope you like   Some Paintings <a href=»» target=»_blank”>Bianco Web</a>   Monochromes <a href=»» target=»_blank”>Bianco Web</a>   Óxides <a href=»» target=»_blank”>Bianco Web</a>   From Idea to reality <a […] Continue reading →

Create a shape or a set of certain types of shapes and making them available to everyone, let, from there , everyone draw their own different conclusions, suggestions, memories, associations, tensions, submission, fights, protection, strength, shelter, protected , violence, beauty, harmony, balance, sweet, joyful, about to break apart, forces that flow and merge, that communicate and transform ….. And many more ideas are coming to my head at my paintings. I like to imagine that […] Continue reading →


¿when work?

It is a very fragile, delicate process, you can´t force the slightest. You only can (must), do it when you really feel like a necessity, not as an obligation to reach some goals or because if, otherwise the result will betray for sure , but………it is hard to hold the periods of lack of need.   […] Continue reading →

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