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But … ..¿ does it serve for something?

Lately I am thinking that my works or those of any other artist, all are actually totally useless and superfluous, they are useless and worthless.

The really important jobs are those that have some practical purpose, some benefit to others, any real use, such as scientists who spend their time looking for new drugs or vaccines, organizations dedicated to helping others, even sweepers that make us the dirty work, doctors, teachers … many. The work of any artist I think that basically is nothing more than a means of personal expression, without any practical use for anyone, at least in the material plane.

Maybe I am talking about two different levels of utility , one at a material level and the other at «spiritual» or mental or brain sensations, feelings level……, ¿which one is more important?

I believe that each person will have their own answer, but I think we are not many who have the need to look for items that fill this second type of utility.

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  1. Colleen

    7 mayo, 2015 at 18:17

    Hello Nacho
    Thank you for posting this. I think it’s a very important point that you have made and one which I battle with all the time.
    I don’t consider myself to be a materialistic person and some part of me, especially since being at art college, resists making art that is just for people to put on their walls and make their homes look ‘nice’. I feel I don’t want to be ‘used’ in this way. Also I take pictures down from my walls sometimes too for similar reasons… because on some level I want to be true to my beliefs, even though my house is filled with tokens of art such as masks or paintings which are personal to me and bring memories of my travels or which speak to me in some way.
    But I am a very spiritual person and I understand how an artist’s work can communicate with the viewer on a deep and spiritual level and feed us too. Your paintings for example even though I don’t own one yet, speak to me in this kind of way. I feel inspired by them in some kind of way to make art again! Even though I have friends who are very good artists but whose work does not generate this same kind of connection in me.
    So I don’t think the work of an artist can ever be totally useless or superfluous because it just depends on how it serves each individual viewer.
    And we all see and sense and feel differently… thank goodness……
    But I continue to battle on with these ideas too! ?

    • Nacho Lascaray

      7 mayo, 2015 at 20:10

      Dear Colleen , I always thank deeply that you share with me your thoughts about my paintings and about what I write but this time you can’ t imagine the strenght I have received from reading your words , I imagine we all have highs and lows , but reading such a nice feedback from you is really special
      Sincere thanks and I will sleep tonight really deep knowing that my works are so special for , at least , someone
      All the best


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