Up to now I have a production of more of 1.100 paintings ( I have more than 5.000 sketches to work from) and 35 sculptures of different materials : Aluminium, Bronze, Iron , Glass, Porexpan, Gold...
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About me

I have been working from 1992 as a personal need. Summarizing my evolution from 1992 to 1997, I worked using exclusively black acrylic paint on handmade paper.

From 1997 and thinking I had reached the limit on the possibilities of this combination, I began a process of researching and developing new techniques for working on hand made paper , something new and unique, something «mine», until I invented the technique I call «Iron Oxide on paper» which I continue developing and using since then, having left apart completely the Black Acrylic.

From 97 to nowadays I have been dedicated to research and develop the expressive possibilities of materials not normally used for painting such as Sand , different kinds of Concrete , Industrial Varnishes , Marble powder , Tar paint , Cardboard………..on cardboard or canvas. You can see here most of them

Solo Exhibitions

  • 11/97 Head Office in Vitoria of the C.O.A.V.N. (Official Basque-Navarro Architects Association.)
  • 04/99. Jamete Art Gallery (Cuenca / Spain)
  • 02/00. Arte XXI Art Gallery (Madrid) “Painting”
  • 04/00. Zeppelín (Vitoria).
  • 05/00. Massé Space of Art (Vitoria) “ByN”
  • 06/00. LondonArt.Co UK Artist selected (Londres)
  • 11/00. Río (Vitoria) “Concretes”
  • 02/03. Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria) “Recent Works”
  • 03/05. Iradier 9 Art Gallery /strong> (Vitoria) “Varnishes”
  • 07/05. Bilkin Gallery (Bilbao) “Lastest Works”
  • 11/06. Iradier 9 Art Gallery (Vitoria)

Group Exhibitions

  • 12/00. Zuloa Art Gallery(Vitoria) “Art Supermarket“
  • 10/02. FAIM (Madrid) Independent Art Fair in Madrid
  • 06/03. Akros Gallery (Bilbao)
  • 06/11. A-Cero IN (Joaquín Torres Architects) Madrid

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