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Abstraction / Realism


First entry of 2015 …..HAPPY NEW YEAR

Years ago , during an exhibition of my paintings a journalist asked me why I do abstraction and not realism…. I have never written on this issue because for me it is something very clear, obvious , without the slightest possibility of doubt and I’ve always assumed, but about which I thought quite.

It is a huge issue, I think the most important of all, and basically, like many, is reduced to a problem of choice, perhaps  the most important election: YOUR LANGUAGE .

I think each one, in a given moment, must choose the means of expressing what is inside. In my case I had it clear that choice since I started doing my stuff, in fact most of my works are «abstract». The few realistic things I’ve done , I have taken them as a hobby, as fun, something unimportant or with value to me, sometimes simply as an obligation due to an special request , others to prove to myself that I could, that I was able to do so, but in the background feeling it as something anyone a little gifted for drawing could do. Doing such things I have never felt THE SENSATION that has to be felt, the one of knowing that your work is something yours , your reflection, part of you, the feeling that each and every one of my «abstract» works gives me.

With all this I do not mean, as I have written, that through a realistic language you can not reflect your own world, finding your own language, on the contrary , of course you can and there are numerous examples, but , personally , it is something that I do not consider , that I see too distant from me and I do not care the least. I’m extremely comfortable with my language, with my works and have never considered the possibility of changing it (perhaps in another life :)…).

It is one of those issues that I have very clear and I know it is one that will never change my way of thinking.

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  1. Colleen

    5 enero, 2015 at 18:47

    Hi Nacho

    Thank you for posting your thinking here. It helps me to understand the perspective that I come from when making art also.
    And I can really understand this idea that your way of expressing yourself in an abstract way is something deeply personal to you, that connects you to your paintings on some level.
    And I also understand that if you are painting something more representational, that it takes you outside of yourself and in a way disconnects you from your own individual expressiveness. As you say ….. «something yours , your reflection, part of you, the feeling that each and every one of my “abstract” works gives me» —— something ‘other’ that you immerse yourself in.. that gives you joy and feeds you.

    • Nacho Lascaray

      5 enero, 2015 at 21:44

      Thanks Colleen as always for your kind reply and for your words , you understood perfectly what I meant 🙂
      All the best

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