Thank you for visiting my home and taking a look at 'my things'...
  • Latest Works

    Here you will see my latest production. I will upload the photos as soon as I finish each new painting

  • White Varnish

    These works are done searching the contrast between pure white with different types of varnish. Each of them produces a different effect that lends to different series.

  • B&W / paper

    From 1992 Until 1997 my production was exclusively of works made using black acrylic paint on handmade paper.

  • Oxides

    I got tired of working exclusively with black acrylic on paper, that drove me to seek new ways until I discovered my own and Unique technique, I call it «Oxide on paper».

  • Sand Varnish

    Works made using unpigmented natural sands of different colors and textures, with various types of Industrial varnishes, on canvas or table.

  • B&W Monochromes

    The common thread of these paintings is the use of a single color for background and shape applied either on canvas, table, or painted burlap.

  • Diverse Techniques

    These are «tests / experiments» in which I use elements and materials not often used : cardboard, certain colors, sand on sand, varnishes on paper…

  • Textures

    In these close-ups I hope you will appreciate the variety of effects achieved, «accidents» wanted or not, reliefs, still wet materials… textures that are what better define my production.

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