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Nacho Lascaray

November 15, 2021
About the pìnk color

It may be seen as a color usually associated with women or the gay world, I don’t know why….., maybe it is by tradition and this can create a prejudice towards it but I see it, simply, as one more color, well not one more, but a nice, soft, quiet, relaxing, sweet….. that I love having “found”, that I enjoy using and whose results I enjoy immensely

I believe that “I have made it mine” , I would like to get to “identify” a family of my paintings.

I am attracted by the fact that it is a color I find very skin-related : skin as a continent, as a wrapper of our bodies, as a final layer that “holds” everything inside.

I love the softness of the skin, the pleasure produced by touching a body, has countless connotations that make it look very attractive (woman, infancy, babies, certain smells), I like my daring and, to a certain extent, the provocation that I show by being able to use it, and it is also beautiful, relaxing, does not tire me “.

These are some of my insights about the arrival of the rose in my life (which I could not have imagined just a few months ago …)


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